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Cutting off the Hospital tag

Happy early birthday to my sister Riana. She turns 21… Even though she’s 4 years older than she acts as if she’s my mother. I think that she’s just really protective about me so shoutout to you for supporting me through everything recently and I always knew that you cared about me, no matter how many times you’ve shouted at me and told mum and dad that im annoying.

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for so long. I’ve literally watched every movie theres is on Netflix to keep myself sane (I guess Netflix & Chill isn’t an option for me anymore). I haven’t seen the outside of the hospital in so long and im starting to feel like im not even in Hong Kong anymore. For everyone that doesn’t live in Hong Kong, if theres one thing you need to know about this city is that it never sleeps. 7 million people and there isn’t a moment when you’re surrounded by a cluster of people. This city just never sleeps.

I know many teenagers wouldn’t say this but Im really starting to miss school now. I think being away from it for so long isn’t normal because its like routine and being here, there is no routine. I forgot to mention that my doctors, my parents, my teachers and I have decided that its best that I continue to take time off school and don’t return this year. This is just to make sure that my health is fine and hopefully being discharged now, I can recover soon enough. Its not the nicest feeling knowing that I won’t be graduating with the people I’ve grown up with since moving here and they’ll be going off to Uni before me (Im meant to be going to the army because I’m a Singaporean national but after all of this, I don’t think that’ll be happening). Hopefully the year below is super welcoming and I cannot wait to start school with them next year :)

Today has been one of the best days, I cut off the tag and walked out of D4 feeling like nothing and nobody could stop me. I was walking normally, no shortness of breath and I felt energised. You don’t understand how good it feels to be able to walk from the ward all the way to the carpark without stopping, yes I may have walked slowly but I’ve proven to myself that once I focus my mind on something, I can do it! 2 months ago, I wasn’t even able to walk 10 steps without feeling like I was going to pass out and now I’m able to walk about 300 metres. I got into the cab and reached home. I’ll be completely honest, it didn’t feel normal. I hadn’t been home in over month and it felt really weird. weird in a good way.

Im going to try and get used to my bed here because I don't want to go back there anytime soon! Goodnight :)

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