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Operation prep

A lot of you must be thinking how I feel about the fact that im going to be on portable life support. The truth is, I don’t really have an option but to get the LVAD. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m being negative but I think anyone would be upset if they had to go through what I’ve been going through.

I’ve done a lot of research about LVADs and there are a lot of pros to getting one. This week has just been running test, psychological and health to see if I’m fit and capable enough to go through with this.

The psychologist, asked me lots of personal questions and I found it slightly uncomfortable but I had to answer honestly. I’ve tried doing some research about teenagers who have LVADs and there is basically nothing out there, so my mission from the minute I get my LVAD is to write down everything and post it on my blog in case there is anyone out there around my age and they want some insight and inspiration.

Getting an LVAD means open heart surgery and that scares me quite a bit. I don’t know what I am going to go through and after the nightmare of watching my defibrillator operation on YouTube, I don’t think I’ll be doing that ever again.

I’m going to kind of wing it and hope for the best and I guess we’ll see what happens after the operation.

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 The importance of being an organ donor! 

The fact that signing up to be an Organ donor you could save up to eight human beings from dying is a bigger positive than you can imagine. Saving a humans life is one of the things people can sometimes only imagine of doing. Through the act of Organ Donation, YOU can change this. 


Organ Donation gives everyone the ability to save a life. In fact, your eyes could help someone you’ve never met see the world. Your organs could make someone on the edge of dying get their breath back. Organ Donation mostly takes place after a signed up Organ Donor has passed. There is an extremely large gap between the number of registered donors compared to those awaiting Organ Donation world wide. 


The way I look at it is like this - when you were a child, you probably had the idea of one day wanting to be a Super-hero. Once you pass, you will no longer be needing those organs and they could be put to great use by saving another human beings life. When a person receives an Organ Transplant, not only do you become their hero, but you also become a hero to the many people involved in his/her life. 

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