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Graduating Class of 2017

So 2 weeks back, the people I have grown up with since moving to Hong Kong all graduated. Some of them I’ve grown up with for 10 years and some for 6, no matter what they have all meant a lot to me in the past years, they all played a big part in my life and made me the guy I am today.

Here is my speech -

All of my friends knew that I would be at graduation because I told them - no matter what, I will be with them every step of the way (apart from sitting the exams ;) ). After all I have grown up with them and I want to be there to support them and show them my appreciation. None of them knew I was speaking and I didn’t want to tell them because I wanted to leave them with something that they could take away and appreciate.

I can honestly say, this is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I stood up on stage, I looked at the crowd, everyone dressed up looking smart and ready to graduate and I could feel the tears build up in my eyes. Giving that speech was a lot harder than I thought it would be, its not that it was a tough crowd to speak to, it was the fact that I have so much emotion towards this audience. These people are not only my friends but they are my family.

The part which really put me into tears was towards the end, when the HeadBoy of our year gave his speech and he spoke about everyone going from friends to family and at the end he said “Kj you will always be part of our family”. It was a very good feeling to know that even though I am not graduating with them, they still consider me to be part of the year and they still all care so much about me.

I would like to thank every person in the graduating class of 2017 for 6 crazy years of memories. Even though I might not have been close to everyone of you, Im sure you must have had a positive impact on my life, whether it being helping me with my studies, working on something as a team or even just saying something funny that would make me laugh, you truly are all amazing people and I wish you all the best!

I look forward to writing about my graduation next year :)

To read the next part of my story, click the link below -

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