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Hey Guys, my Birthday was on September 4th and I wrote this post a couple of days after but I’ve been quite cramped with work and deadlines (was also sick) so I wasn’t able to upload it but here it is -

A year ago, I didn’t even know if I’d make it here and if I did, I didn’t know what kind of life id be living or how id even be celebrating my birthday.

A couple of days ago, we also passed the one year mark of being diagnosed with Heart-Failure, so this week we celebrated 2 things - My 18th and 1 year of being strong.

A couple of days ago, I was scrolling through my camera roll on my phone and I was looking at photos from when I was first diagnosed with Heart-Failure and then I saw photos of my birthday. I remember this really funny nurse who I spoke about in my blog and how he made me smell alcohol and said “I hope you never drink again” - well, here I am celebrating my birthday stronger than ever and yes HAVING A COUPLE OF DRINKS!

I don’t really know how to speak about this but im gonna give it a try anyways -

So last year, I remember spending my birthday in the ICU, a lot of my friends and family came to visit and most of them thought that was going to be my last birthday, nobody knew what was going to happen down the road and I was just trying not to think about it. I wasn’t even allowed to get out of bed or anything (can you imagine not even being allowed to get out of bed - Its my birthday I should be able to do what I want to do). I remember my family bringing me a slice of cake which I couldn’t even eat but when I blew out that candle I wished for everything to be ok. I just wanted my normal life back, I wanted to be healthy and most of all I wanted to be happy.

Fast forward one year and I’m here, having the birthday I was dreaming to have. I feel truly blessed to be where I am today and am extremely proud of myself for achieving the things I have done in the past year - Making it out of hospital, giving a talk at HKU, speaking at a TEDx event, being the keynote speaker at the graduation and most of all for being me, even though I have been through a lot in the past year, I’m really glad I haven’t changed (personality wise) I am still the same guy I used to be. I am still the same guy who cracks those stupid jokes or says something really dumb without thinking it through.. I’m just me (but just a little more serious about my studies now! :)

I want to thank you guys for all the Birthday wishes, and all the positive vibes! I wouldn’t have been able to celebrate my 18th without you guys support!!

To read the next part of my story, click the link below -

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The way I look at it is like this - when you were a child, you probably had the idea of one day wanting to be a Super-hero. Once you pass, you will no longer be needing those organs and they could be put to great use by saving another human beings life. When a person receives an Organ Transplant, not only do you become their hero, but you also become a hero to the many people involved in his/her life. 

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